Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writer Richard O'Donnell is a Kreep

That's right, writer Richard O'Donnell, known for the hit Off Broadway musical comedy One & One, Radio City Music Hall's A Manhattan Showboat, and co-founder of the New Age Vaudeville theatre company, the New Variety cabaret, and the R. Rated Chicago television show, is Gothic Poet and illustrator Brazillia R. Kreep a.k.a. The Kreep.


Dear creepy comrades,

Parthenia Goste died in 1862, the very year that the Battle Hymn of the Republic was published, a smallpox epidemic broke-out in California, and the Internal Revenue Service opened its doors. She was from a family of means, her father having amassed a small fortune in the dry goods business, and was laid t’rest in Chasings Cemetery overlooking Lizzards Point. She was 21 years old and was buried with her favorite porcelain doll, christened Paje (Parthenia's nickname in real life). It was an eerie accessory in that it was fashioned by local artist Gabriel Whent t'mirror her exactly.

Illustration and poem presented.

In E†ernity,
The Kreep

Parthenia Goste and Paje in her coffin - 1862

post script: aujourd'hui is French, pronounced au +‎ jour +‎ de +‎ hui, literally "at the day of today"

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